New Year Resolutions-Have we already set ourselves up to fail?

It’s the last day of the year and suddenly your filled with a surge of motivation because someone has reminded you that ‘this is your chance to be someone/something new!’ I have noticed a growing trend, we tend to choose the good old new years resolutions like we are ordering off a take-out menu, ‘no alcohol in January, loose weight, be better with money, join the gym…’ blah blah blah. Everyone chooses the same boring things and because of this the majority of us break our ‘resolutions’. The friend you haven’t seen in years invites you for a catch up drink, you have one and you have now broken your rule so you you get bladdered and while your at it you may as well eat that greasy burger and fries on your way home because, well your bladdered but it doesn’t matter because you are ‘definitely definitely going to the gym tomorrow’ knowing full well that there is no way your getting that hungover ass off the sofa so instead you punish yourself for wasting money by eating the entire bag of cheesy puffs. Sound familiar?

So lets look at the meaning of ‘resolution’? Well, it’s a solution, more specifically a revisited solution, so a New Years resolution suggests it’s a time when you revisit a problem that you previously couldn’t crack. Suddenly we realise these ‘resolutions’ aren’t so much solutions but problems, we are simply making problems for ourselves by choosing self involved goals we never plan on fulfilling and the reason, well we don’t only revisit the same problem but we also think we can solve it using the same method of years gone by. Seriously do we really think sticking a picture of Miranda Kerr as our ‘thinspiration’ on the fridge is going to make the difference when we are gagging for the chocolate cake? No, we will close our eyes, tell that picture she is a skinny bitch and instead of eating one piece of cake we’ll eat the whole darn lot just to serve her right!

So can we get out of this resolution funk and do you REALLY want to?

Yes and yes! Let us boycott resolutions and ask ‘What do I expect from myself?’ and ‘What steps can I take to get there this year?’ Ask yourself, what does it mean to be true to yourself and how do you want people to perceive that, and don’t expect it to all come together in 1 year, it’s such a short amount of time.

So here is what I want. I want to be a kind, graceful and generous human being who is well informed and passionate. I want the freedom to explore and the continued curiosity to question and I want this so I can pass it on and inspire others. I want to feel healthy, centred and content in myself and I want to improve at the things that give me pleasure like piano, singing, cooking, gardening etc…

May your new year be as exciting as you make it. Enjoy putting the hard work in because if you do you will receive it back 10 fold.

Happy 2014.


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