Food {Ma’s Super Slaw}

My Ma makes the best slaw or coleslaw, the best! Crispy, sweet, bitter amazingness. I don’t like traditional coleslaw, you know the stuff, its usually been sat at on of those salad counters in the super market, it consists of more mayo then salad and is goopy, eh, yuck.

This recipe is really versatile, you can add what you like or leave it the way I’ve done it. This don’t really do justice as I didn’t have half the veggies my Ma usually uses but it’s still super yummy.

Mama Belz’ Super Slaw

I have no exact quantities here but I say make up a big batch and eat it throughout the week.

-purple and green/white cabbage (this is your main bulk of the slaw)


-grated carrot

-grated beet

-mayo or vegan mayo

-handful of raisins

-handful of raw almonds (chopped or slithers)

-green tabasco

-salt and pepper

-Slice the cabbage and lettuce really thin, grate the carrot and beetroot and add it all to a large bowl.

-Add your mayo, a tablespoon at a time (I only used one tablespoon as it don’t like it too mayo-y)

-Throw in your raisins and nuts and season with tabasco, salt and pepper. Serve this with your Golden Quinoa Salad or use as a simple addition to baked pots. I was craving artichoke the other night so I had mine with that and some roast chicken breast, delicious.



So we got there. 3 posts in one day. 3 nutrient rich recipes for you to take away and enjoy :) Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! What food keeps you going all day? Do you have your ‘go to’ delicious yet healthy meals? Please share, I love to hear from you.


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