Food {Blueberry Brain Boosting Porridge}

Today I will be bringing you 3 posts, 3 recipes that’ll boost brain, cell and immunity.

We start with the humble Blueberry. Natures little purple super hero.

You might put them on your pancakes and heck you’ve had them in a muffin but lets take a closer look at these bad boys. What makes this superfood so, well…super? They are delicious but also they contain the highest amount of anti-oxidents per serving to any other fruit. Anti-oxidents act in lots of magical ways, they nourish your mind and strengthen your cells. Not only that, blueberries are the richest sauce of flavonoids, these awesome cancer-fighting anti-oxidents but they also increase brain function. Studies show that eating a serving of blueberries in the morning will boost your brain power quite significantly 5 hours after consumption. They boost memory and concentration, aid weight loss and stave off the dreaded ‘Brain Fry’ as I call it, you know, that moment when your brains says “Look, thats it my friend. I cannot and WILL NOT take in any more information today, it’s 3pm and I want an espresso”. Yeah, that.

So how do we utilise them for our advantage?

Well the great thing about blueberries is that you can freeze them, as studies show that they don’t loose their cool anti-oxident-ness when frozen which means they are a year round staple in my house.

Being a student I have all these assignments and exams and what-not so I kinda need all the brain power nature has to offer me. When at Uni I usually drink a blueberry and almond smoothy mid-morning but seeing as its reading week and its darn cold outside I’m having porridge.

I cannot guarantee you’ll be Einstein-esk by mid-day but this breakfast will be warm, flavourful, packed with goodies and will see your brain through until the evening. I also use gluten free oats and almond milk as gluten and dairy dislikes me on a whole different level.


Blueberry Brian Boosting Porridge

-40g gluten free oats

-160ml almond milk (Rude Health is the best I’ve tasted)

-1 handful of frozen blueberries

-1 teaspoon of maple syrup


Put everything in a small saucepan and cook on a medium heat, stirring continuously for 3-5 minutes. It’ll go purple which is really awesome. Enjoy.

You can make this so many ways. Why not try it with 2 teaspoons of coco powder and a dash of cinnamon?

Tune in at lunch for the second post.



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