DIY {Macrame Plant Hanger}


I haven’t abandoned you I promise!!

My attention has been fully focused on my uni course and I really haven’t made time to do anything else but learn and write music, which is great but the other things I love have been suffering. So it’s about balance, some gardening, some writing, some recording of new projects, some DIY, cooking and baking and uni work mixed with as much extra study as possible , which includes vocal, piano and guitar practice every day. you can see my dilemma hey? If anyone has any tips on time management and how they manage to get it all done then please, I’d love to hear from you!

So todays little DIY is not only and easy one but it maybe the cheapest one yet. Its quick and can transform the corner of your room in a jiffy.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

You’ll need:


-Tape measure

-Gardeners twine or other twine

-A plant in a pot


-Start by cutting 4 pieces of twine each about 2 metres long. I wanted mine long! Gather them together and fold in half so you have a loop at the top, tie a knot so you keep the loop and you have 8, 1 metre strands of twine.


-Now you can start the knotting. Just over half way up tie two pieces together, do this until your 8 pieces are tied in groups of two.

-Now a bit further down tie together the two pieces next to each other but not tied together. As you will see it’ll look a bit like a diamond.


-Keep doing this until you are satisfied  with the amount of ties you have, I did a total of 3 levels.


-Tie a knot at the bottom and trim the ends so the tassel is as long as desired.

Place a potted plant into your new hanger and hang it up. Voila!




What do you think?

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