Food {Super Carrot Cake-gluten and dairy free}

I have now been gluten free on and off for about 5 years now but slowly my general health had been falling greatly and I had been feeling sick almost every time I ate, suffered hideous headaches and all in all still felt bloated and gross. So for about 2 months now I have been mainly dairy free, by mainly I mean that on the occasion I’ll eat some lactose free cheese with a gluten free oatcake. There are many studies showing a link between gluten and dairy or lactose intolerance as the sugars are very similar. So if your either gluten or dairy free and you are still having issues try cutting the other out an see what happens. I have a recipe here to help you along the way. It’s not only gluten and dairy free (apart from my cousin insisting on fluffy cream cheese on her half) but it is also sugar free, moist and delicious!


I have adapted it from Madeline Shaw’s recipe here. She is the clean eating vixen and makes nutritious healthy food easy to make into everyday (not so) naughtys that we love. Carrot cake is by far one of my favourite cakes, moist, flavourful and with the addition on walnuts you get that cheeky crunch in there.
So here it is: Heathy Carrot Cake.

4 eggs, separated (free range is always best)
100g of slightly liquid coconut oil (extra for greasing)
150g of walnuts, ground
150g of ground almonds
100g of whole walnuts
150g of honey (I used runny)
3 or 4 carrots (grated)
A pinch of sea salt
1TBSP of mixed spice
1 TSP of spice ginger

Set your oven at 180c.

Grate carrots into a large bowl to this add ground almonds, ground walnuts and whole walnuts. Stir and add coconut oil, egg yolks, honey , salt and spices. Mix well, really well! Whip egg white until they form soft peaks and fold into cake mix.
Pour into a lined 8″ cake tin and bake for 40mins or they work really well as cupcakes for 30mins.
Remove and cool. If you want the sugar/dairy goodness make your favourite cream cheese frosting. We found this cream cheese. It’s awesomely thick and a little more sour, recommended by Stephanie :-)



Then eat it, quickly because if you live with anyone else it’ll be gone before you get to it!



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