Decor {10 Ways to Bring the Outdoors in}


I will be moving house in about a week and I’ve been scouring through Pinterest for inspiration. I love the idea of having a ‘living’ home, luscious green plants against fresh white walls. Bringing the outdoors in can seem like a bit of a daunting challenge but by taking inspiration from some of these pictures you’ll be there in no time!
1 and 2. Make space for small pot plants by filling up your mantel piece or by fitting a thin shelf above the bed

3.Eucalyptus tied to the shower head, cleansing. 4.Decorated wardrobe for a bohemian look. 5.Garden oasis(not indoors but I love the idea of lots of plants in the patio) 6.Green room, lush calming colours, shady light, like a rain forest.

7.Emerald green bathroom, on trend colour, chic, clean and calming. 8.Add a pot of rosemary to your bathroom for a heady scent when hot water is drawn. 9.Trees work great in the house, my recommendation, if you don’t want it to grow too big restrict the pot size. Perfect for a bay window. 10.Giant leafy plants also work fantastically for livening up that dark corner in the house

So you see, it’s easier then you thought to add some outdoor living indoors. Have you recently decorated your home? Do you have a ‘living’ home. Please share any tips as I love ’em!


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