Food {Bournemouth Noodle Bar}

Oh my oh my oh MY!

I almost feel like I am holding on to a little secret that I don’t want to share because it’s too amazing, but then I think ‘this is too good to keep ALL to myself’ so your in for a little treat.

So we all know what Chinese food tastes like right? Wrong! Bournemouth Noodle Bar just blew my foodie mind. Yes you might look at the outside and think “no frickin way” but take in to consideration that even on week nights you might need to book a table (it’s a tiny place) and that when you look in the window it is full of the asian community eating their dinner, this is when you know it HAS to be good.

Fresh crisp vegetables, tender meat, balanced flavours and wholesome soup. They offer freshly made Asian food at a standard I have never experienced before. My choice, mixed vegetable fried noodles, salt and pepper chicken and sweet and sour sauce. The first thing I noticed was the colour of the sauce, not this toxic orange colour we have all become accustomed to, oh no this was a beautiful glistening transparent deep red and the flavour was second to none, I cannot describe it, it doesn’t taste like the takeaway version which is usually gloopy at best and really sweet. The flavour was more complex and a far cry from the sickly sauce I am used to.

Then the veg noodles. Sugar snap peas, carrots, bean sprouts and mushrooms, served on a bed of fried vermicelli noodles. Once again amazingly balanced flavours but the vegetables really were to show stopper, they had this crunch that can only come from FRESH food and they were full of flavour, mmm.

The chicken was also incredible, really amazing. Dry fried, not oily, crispy coating and tender meat. YUM!

On a final note and this really wouldn’t have changed my mind at all but, well its cheap. Less then £10 for all that and endless amounts of jasmine tea.

So please, enjoy the food here if you’re in Bournemouth. It is MORE then worth it. Promise!



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