Beauty {Illuminating Morning Make-Up}


Lets face it, some mornings the last thing you want to do is your make-up, usually Mondays for me. And though I am happy to go make-up-less most of the time, sometimes I require some illuminating. This isn’t really putting a full face of make-up on it’s more about using the right make-up to brighten your eyes and skin and takes me about 5 minutes to do. Quick and simple.

Start with a moisturiser that’ll instantly perk up your skin, my choice is Waleda skin oil. It’s full of skin loving ingredients that will leave your skin soft and supple. Use by rubbing a pea sized amount between hands and lightly applying to your skin. I also add a little dab of BB cream for a tiny skin boost and SPF.

Next I fill in my brows with Benefit Brow Zings and fix with clear mascara.

I then use a highlighter to draw under my brow arch, inner eyelid and cheek bone then blend.


Finally using a sharp eyeliner ‘stitch’ your eyelashes line. If you haven’t done this before then your going to thank me, this really makes your lashes look naturally fuller. Hold your eyelid up slightly and draw tiny dot between your eyelashes. Make sure your not drawing on your waterline, just between your lashes. Coast lashes with a swipe of mascara and your ready to rock. See the difference?




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