Recipe {Green Tea, Lemon & Rose Iced Tea}


The weather has been glorious and I am hoping this is finally the beginning of the British summer *hmmm*

It would seem that during hotter weather it is easier to eat fresh, wholesome food and guzzle on refreshing clean drinks. I don’t really like drinking fruit squash as they are mostly crammed with sugars and flavourings and though I am happy to drink water, yesterday I fancied something that would add a little flavour and also do my body some good.

Green Tea and lemon is one of the best things to drink to cleans body, mind and soul so I decided to switch it up for a refreshing twist. So here is my easy recipe for iced green tea.


{Green Tea, Lemon and Rose Iced Tea}

You will need:

-2 green teabags

-1/2 fresh organic lemon cut in wedges

-small handful of dried rose buds


-In a teapot add tea bags, 1/4 lemon and rose buds then fill with boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes.

-Fill a tall glass half full with cold water and some ice. Add a slice of lemon and a sprinkle of rose bud and fill up the rest with your brewed tea.

-Stir, drink, relax!




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