DIY Fashion {Beautiful Back-Chain Body Harness}


This week has been busy busy busy. It has been a mash of maths lessons, calls to student finance (anyone who has applied to uni in the UK knows how frustrating this is) cake making and floral arrangements for a friends wedding. Its flown by so quickly I need extra hours in my day. I did find time to do a little yoga and rummage in my garden for wild strawberries though which always takes me back to my childhood. The strawberries not the yoga.

Sooo, THIS is the post I wanted to give you last week but as explained it had to be postponed. But thats okay because today it is here and I am soooo excited to share it with you :)

I made this to wear to said friends wedding as what I am wearing is backless and I couldn’t find any jewellery I liked to go with it. So without further ado…..

DIY Chain Back Body Harness

You will need:

-7ft of simple thin chain in gold/silver/brass (whatever you like)

-small open jewellery jump rings (30)

-flat nosed pliers

-jewellery clasp

-clothes hanger


-tape measure

– beads and whatnot if you like :)


-First off measure around your neck then add 4inches. Cut a piece of chain to this length as this will be the necklace part. For example, my neck measured about 14inches round so I cut the chain 18inches in total.

-Add the clasp to one end of this chain and the clasp loop about 3inches in from the end of the other chain. This 3 inches is just to allow you space if you want the necklace bigger, I left mine attached but you can cut it off once you have the right length.

-Cut 2 more pieces of chain about 2 or 3inches long, these are the shoulder straps, attach them to the necklace so the end rests where your collarbone meets your shoulder .


-At this point place the necklace over a clothes hanger and hang up with the shoulder straps at the sides and place a little tape either side to hold it in place.

-Cut 2 pieces of chain 18inches long and make each one into a loop using jump ring, don’t close them as you want to attach them to the ends of the shoulder ‘straps’ then close them. These are like arm holes so just hook each one over the clothes hanger and secure with a little tape.



It should look something like this.

– Cut the following chain:

-2x 8 inch

-2x 10 inch

-2x 12 inch

2x 14 inch

-2x 16 inch

2x 18 inch

-Start with the 8 inch chains and attach to the back of the necklace about 5 inches either side of the middle, then attach the other end half way up the back arm hole on each side.


-Work your way into the middle attaching each chain about 1cm apart on the necklace and about 1 inch apart, going down on the arm holes until you have attached all 12 chains. I used a brass and a gold chain but you can use whatever you fancy…


-At this point you are finished. To wear just hook arms through arm holes with chains resting on your back, open the necklace clasp and fasten behind your neck. Quickly arrange the chains et Viola!


It’s designed to be worn oven your shoulder blades so get creative with your top choice, open backed or over lace tops. Enjoy :)





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