DIY Fashion {Sparkle Two Tone Sunglasses}


This week the sun has made an appearance and that means shades.

Last year I picked up these second hand vintage sunnies, they have served me well but with age comes a little ware and tare. So instead of chucking them and thanking them for their loyal service over the past year, I have decided to up-cycle them into this seasons sparkle two tone trend.

This can be done with any old sunnies, so grab your favourite nail varnish and get creative!


DIY Fashion {Sparkle Two Tone Sunnies}

You will need:


-1 nail varnish

-1 sparkle nail varnish

-clear nail varnish

– clear tape or similar

-Choose 1 colours that you like and a sparkle colour (I chose a light lilac and pink sparkle that complimented)

-Cover the areas you don’t want paint on.


-Paint the frames in your base colour and allow to dry, do another coat if needed.

-Section off the top half and paint the sparkle nail polish on top and allow to dry. Do as many coats as needed.

-Paint a clear top coat to seal, allow to dry and enjoy your new, on trend shades.







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