A Week in Pictures

I have neglected BC this past week, when I promised a super exciting post…I just didn’t get the chance to write it. You see, Padre got married last friday and aside from making wedding cake I also had maths lessons to attend and before I knew it it was Sunday evening and there was no blog post written again. So this week you will finally get to see the post I intended for last week. For now here are a few pictures from last week.

Happy Monday!

IMG_7072{Living Window Sill}


{Aloe Vera 1 year old}


{Light and Sparkle Nails} 


{Brothers and Sisters}



{M.C Escher Three Worlds inspired Wedding Cake made by Moi}


{Father & Daughters}

*From left to right* Me: vintage Monsoon silk dress and Marni for H&M heals. Tijan: Zara skirt and KG heals. Pa in his wedding suit. Jaz: vintage Monsoon silk skirt.



{Best Man and Bride}



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