Travel Guide: Crete {Hidden Treasures}

All of this week I have been writing my travel guide to western Crete. We have lagoonslakes and amazing food and today I am wrapping it up with some hidden treasures.

I am going to start back in Almyrida where if you remember I mentioned diving. Omega Divers has so much to offer when it comes to dive packages, locations and PADI courses. I only read about Elephants Cave the day before leaving, but next time I am planning on visiting it. This sea cave was only discovered in 1999 and got its name because of the fossilised elephant bones inside the cave. The entrance is about 10m below sea level and Omega run dive trips here via boat.

I am now going to take you to my favourite cove.


This place is the jewel of the trip for me. Ombros Gialos is the most tranquil and beautiful cove I have ever visited. The ‘always’ turquoise waters lend itself perfectly to swimming and snorkelling but only in calm waters as it is very rocky here.


There is one Taverna here serving fish and refreshments, and a small harbour that gives you access to the sea. If you visit here (and I strongly recommend you do) take all that you need for the day as it is completely secluded and it is likely no one else will be there when you go.


In this picture, if I had stepped off this rock, the depth was about 15ft, so quite deep for this kind of clarity. The sea life is stunning too, even in the ‘winter’. I saw sea urchins, colourful fish and crabs, and it really is a slice of paradise.


It is quite hard to find, so here is the map.


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