Travel Guide: Crete {Elafonisi Lagoon}


I am back home from the beautiful Crete were we spent a week with family in the north west part of the island. I will be writing a small guide on where and what to do in Crete each day this week. Crete is the largest Greek island and evening though it is looks small in comparison to most places it is wonderfully mountainous and takes some time to get from A to B. The furthest we traveled was 47 miles from Hania (spelt Chania) to the remote lagoon of Elafonisi at the most south westerly point of the island. It was a 2 hour 30 minute drive through the foothills and mountains of Crete, but my goodness one of the most beautiful places I have been.


{View from the Taverna}

We went in the “winter” season (but 26c was the average heat) so it was very quiet and not much had opened by this point. Elafonisi itself is a large beach with a big shallow lagoon of warm water, rock pools and its unmistakable pinkish sands and a perfect destination for the whole family. You can sit on the beach, paddle in the water and go on adventures through the sand dunes. Keep your eyes open for lizards and the rare sand lilies.



{Jellyfish and pink sands}


After your all sunned out, take a walk to the Taverna and have some of their amazing fresh food. I can highly recommend their beans and potatoes, but all the food looks gorgeous with locally caught fish of the day and an awesome club sandwich. Take some time to stroke the resident cat (who is very friendly) and sign a cactus!


{Beans and Potato}





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