How To: Holiday Packing

Packing for your holiday can be one of the more stressful parts of holiday. The results, either you pack absolutely everything and endanger yourself of going over your weight limit, or you end up taking a small amount of mis-matched items. This is a guide on how to pack for your upcoming vacation.

How To: Holiday Packing

Step 1. Most importantly check the weather forecast. Next take into consideration what it is your going to be doing. Are you planning on hiking lots or visiting historical places, don’t pack loads of high heals. Going to visit a place cultural meaning, consider whether it is appropriate to wear skimpy clothing, even if its hot. Lets take my holiday for example: Crete, Greek Island. Weather 20-25c. Plans while there, hiking in the Samaria Gorge, visiting places of historical importance, dinners out and some beach time.

Step 2. Back to Basics. I find that when going to a Mediterranean country layers are key, so I always pack tank tops, tees, light cardi’s and jumpers, denim jeans, denim shorts, swimwear and black high waisted shorts. These are things I can wear everyday in any combination.


Step 3. Key Pieces. These are the pieces that most define your style, without them your holiday wardrobe could belong to anyone. For example my key pieces are: Pink Floyd tee dress, black max skirt, white lace mini skirt, emerald silk blouse and grey silk Cos jumpsuit.

IMG_6514 Step 4. Shoes. So you can’t take them all right…you’d have a whole bag dedicated, and it’s really not needed. So how do you choose which ones to take? Prioritise with what you NEED. Remember how we talked about considering the weather and what you are doing on your hols? So, I know it’ll be warm weather and that I am doing a bit of hiking, having some beach time and probably going out for dinner a few times. So I am taking 5 pairs of shoes with me. Converse style sneakers (easy to hike in), a couple of pairs of tan sandals for everyday wear, flip flops for the sea and my beautiful Marni for H&M healed sandals for dinner out (if needed).

 Photo 29-03-2012 19 26 30

Step 5. Accessories. This will charge up any of your simple basics and make your evening wear pop. I will be taking a vintage silver and blue necklace as well as a Greek style gold necklace. A fedora or straw hat is perfect for the long hot days and a canvas tote.

Step 6.  The Travel Outfit. This last step is almost the most important. Think it through, it might only be a 4 hour flight, but are you having to drive much before and after your flight? Leaving the house at 3am to make a 7am flight from cold England to midday sun in Crete, what to wear? Loose fitting layers and flat shoes, this outfit is all about comfort. I am starting with a loose fitting cropped tee, with a thin denim blue jumper over the top (loose light layers) then I will wear my black jersey harem pants and tan sandals, because flats are way comfy in the airport and feet usually swell a bit when flying. Finally my Fringe Festival Jumper for those chilly early morning moments, which I can throw over a large handbag when it becomes too warm.

Cosmetics– I’m really not a fan of too much make-up, and when in the sun I like nothing but some coconut oil to moisturise, brow gel and a bright red lippy. I will also take a natural eye pallet which includes 3 natural colours and a concealer. Also remember lip balm and sun cream.

Other items– ipod, earphones, a notebook for travel ideas/things to remember, painkillers, a good book, a camera and phone charger.

Hopefully these steps will help you with packing smart for your hols. Do you have any tips on packing? Going away somewhere interesting? Comment and let me know!


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