DIY Fashion {Fringed Festival Jumper}


This time last year we had record heat. I was sunbathing in the garden and sipping iced tea. But this year it’s cold, oh so chilly!!! It’s jeans and woollies all the way. I’m lucky to be off to some sun in a few weeks and although day time will be T-shirt heat I wanted something to pull over in the evenings. I was inspired by this post by A Pair & A Spare.

DIY Fringed Festival Jumper

You will need:
-A knitted jumper
-Wool cut into 32″ strands (aprox 50)
-Large needle

This jumper was quite long and I wanted a slightly shorter front, so I unhooked the stitching at the side seems on the jumper. Most knitted jumpers will have this.
I opened it up about 5″ each side. Turn the jumper inside out then folded the front section over.
Match the side seems together and stitched up the sides, about 3″ each side.
Then stitch across the top, about an inch above the new hem, cut off the excess about an inch above the stitching.

I then stitched along the bottom hem with wool to get a flatter edge.

To threading the pieces of wool through the knit just use a needle to help open the loop a little.

Start about a third of the way down your jumper making a triangle shape. Thread wool half way through and tie in a knot.

Finally, tie off each end of the wool to stop it fraying.



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