Fitness {There’s an App for that}

Hi, my name is Aimee and I don’t enjoy working out.

There, are you really that surprised? I mean, it’s cold and dark outside. Finding the motivation to tug on a pair of trainers and step out the door is hard enough as it is without thunder and hail. But I happen to be visiting someone in Crete soon and well, lets say I could do with some ‘self improvement’ in the athletic department.

So, I bought an App.

If I am planning on pacing away I need something that’ll intrigue and interest me, and ‘by jolly’ I’ve found the solution.

I have a bit of a Zombie obsession at the moment. The Walking Dead has fuelled this. Zombies, Run! is a mission style App that you play while your running. It’s your job to go out and collect supplies, but you have to be careful, there are hoards of Zombies after your flesh. You must run for your life.

I’ve used this App twice now, and I am hooked. The story plays out through your run , 30 minutes or 1 hour missions, and you really get into it. The sounds of Zombies keeps me going when I want to stop, and the radio broadcasts helps to make me feel part of the story.

I recommend this for sure.


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