A little {Inspiration}

The last week has been a whirlwind of playing music and learning as much theory as possible. I’ve never taken music ‘theory’ into consideration when writing, but I can see how it will progress my skill so thats an exciting thing.

I did it, I got around to detoxing my wardrobe last week, I cleared out a bin bag full of clothes and rearranged my wardrobe at the same time. It made me realise how many things I was holding onto that maybe didn’t fit properly or didn’t look flattering. I threw out over 5 pairs of jeans, which is crazy. I will write a post on the process.

Through this I realised my ‘wardrobe essentials’, what I enjoyed wearing most. This this where your style is defined. You know fashions will come and go, but style is constant. I like jersey basics, you know, T’s, tanks etc. But I found that I was wearing a lot of jeans and I was getting a bit bored. SO….more on that over the coming weeks.

And finally, hair colour. I fancy a change from my natural brown. There have been 2 ladies that inspired me, and they would be….Jessica Chastain’s beautiful copper hair


and Kristen Stewart’s hair colour in Breaking Dawn Part 2, that deep brown with red undertones


I think as I have naturally dark hair Kristen’s style is more for me.


What do you think?

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