DIY Decor {Gold Tea Light Holder}


I have a little obsession with candles. I LOVE ’em. From bags of hundreds of tea lights, to a teddy bear shaped candle that I have had since I don’t know when.

I have also been collecting glass jars and bottles that I thought were a little unusual. I wasn’t 100% sure what to do with them, but fully intended on using them. So became the Gold Tea Light Holder. I think gold can suit any room without being too garish if you add accents of it to your room. And these holders are just the ticket.

What you’ll need:

– Glass jars and bottles

– Gold paint (I used acrylic)

– Paint brush

– Sellotape

– Paper or newspaper (to protect your table)


Start by making sure your glass jar/bottle is clean and dry, then stick Sellotape around the jar so there is a crisp line.


Put some paper on the table (or surface your using). Squeeze a blob of paint onto it and start painting your jar.


You can paint as many layers on as you like, but I wanted mine to be a little translucent.



Leave to dry, then fill with tea lights, flowers or whatever your heart desires.



What do you think?

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