Beauty {Wine Stained Lips}

Photo 26-11-2012 11 06 36

I have always found something deeply satisfying about a wine stained lip, maybe almost primal. My ideal lip colour has always been something that is easy to wear yet striking, and somehow this does that while also feeling and looking completely natural. Whatever your skin tone, no matter if your blonde, brunette or red, a wine stained lip can be your best friend for life. Pair this with a strong brow and your set for the day.

This is my tutorial on getting the perfect everyday wine stained lip.

{Before you start a recommend exfoliating and cleansing your face paying special attention to your lips}

Step one: Use a small amount of BB cream. I swear by this miracle cream, it’s not as heavy as foundation, but still it magically evens out skin tone. I leave this for about 5-10 minites to settle into my skin. I then use a little concealer on my lips and wherever else it is needed.

Photo 26-11-2012 11 22 54

Step 2: I fill in my brows in with a brow wax, then I set them with a powder.

Photo 26-11-2012 11 30 57

Step 3: Then I highlight these areas on my face (see picture) with a light pink creamy pencil, then blend it into my skin.

Photo 26-11-2012 11 37 22

Step 4: Using a neutral eye pallet I start by covering my whole eyelid with this very light pink. Then the beige is added from the outer corner along the crease to the middle of the eye crease. I then like to blend this a little with my finger. Finally line the eye top and bottom with a dark brown liner. I like to use a dark eye shadow for this as it is a bit softer.

Photo 26-11-2012 11 40 19

Photo 26-11-2012 11 41 52

Photo 26-11-2012 11 45 42

Step 5: Starting with a bright red, paint your lip, going just over your natural lip line.

Photo 26-11-2012 11 51 57

{As you can see I am quite moley}
Photo 26-11-2012 11 52 37


Add a deep purple, blot.

Photo 26-11-2012 12 10 20

Finished, enjoy :)


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