DIY {Above the Knuckle Chain Rings}

Photo 23-12-2012 09 37 39

I love rings. Delicate rings, thin rings, almost barely there rings. Silver, gold or bronze. I love them. So this seasons (and I’m guessing this years) trend makes me super excited. Above the knuckle or upper finger rings.

I have put together the simplest of simple tutorials on how to make your very own. I have used chain, but there are plenty of other things you can use, so get creative.

 {Above the Knuckle Chain Rings}

You will need:

-Chain, any colour.

-Jewellery Pliers.

-Small open 5mm findings

You will need

Step 1: Wrap the chain around your finger where you want the ring to sit, like so.


Step 2: Using jewellery pliers cut the chain to the desired length.


Step 3: Attach the two ends together by looping each end onto the open finding and close the finding using your pliers.


Place your new ring on finger.


et viola!


What do you think?

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