A Week in Pictures

This week has turned a little chilly again. We had snow about 2 weeks ago, well English snow…which to most living in northern europe, america and canada means “a light flurry”. Take the michael out of us, we deserve it. Rushing around like headless chickens, raiding local shops for tinned foods incase we get snowed in by a 2 foot snow drift and generally being in a bad mood because we can’t get anywhere. To be honest I laugh at the simplicity of the tizz us brits get ourselves into over the weather. I love a good adventure, so when the snow came I braved the country roads in the name of ‘exploration’.

Photo 23-12-2012 09 37 39

Chain Upper Finger Rings

Photo 18-01-2013 13 53 22

Jesse Cat

Photo 19-01-2013 11 00 22

Snow Scape

Photo 19-01-2013 10 55 56

Arches of Snow


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