Dries Van Noten inspired Watercolour Nail Art

I do love watercolours. I used to paint when I was at school using a technique called vail painting. It works by layering thin coats of paint onto wet paper. As a result you get this dreamy, translucent effect.
There’s a lot of translucent pieces this Spring/Summer 2013. Personally Dries Van Noten’s collection is perfect, a superb combination of ethereal grunge.

So taking inspiration from this collection I wanted to try this technique. I first saw it done on electric guitars, so I figured it would work with nail varnish. This is a little tutorial for Watercolour Dipped Nails.
You’ll need:
-Base coat (I used white to get this effect)
– A couple of other nail colours (I used blue and red)
-Tub of water
-Cocktail stick or similar
-Cotton balls
– Nail varnish remover

A little warning, this is a messy process. Not to be done if you only have 30mins!
Start by painting a base coat and wait for it to dry. Don’t worry about messy cuticles, they’ll be cleaned up at the end. 20130201-165741.jpg
Once dry, start the dipping process. Getting a drop on nail varnish on the end of the brush and let it fall onto the surface of the water. You can use a cocktail stick to move it a little, but be quick.
Quickly lay your nail on top of the varnish, then push it down into the water.

Then push any left over varnish away with a cocktail stick and lift your nail out of the water.

Do the rest of your nails and allow to dry. I then changed the water and started again with the second colour. They then looked like this.

A bit yucky I know. Allow to dry, the clean your fingers and cuticles with a little nail varnish remover and a cotton bud. Then I used a matt top coat to seal the lot, et Voila! Watercolour Nails



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